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ESPN Presents The World’s Hottest Athlete Bodies Of 2016

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Feeling good about your gains? Not so fast. ESPN have just released their annual body issue entitled ‘Bodies We Want 2016’ which highlights some of the world’s hottest athlete bodies in their natural element.

The stripped down issue includes both male and female physiques of all sizes and faithfully portrays the unique body type for each sport. Included in the artistic shoot is NBA star Dwyane Wade, MMA icon Conor McGregor, volleyball player April Rose, surfer Courtney Conologue and many more.

Chris Mosier also gets a special mention as the first transgender triathlete to qualify for the U.S national team. It’s a stunning gallery and one not often seen in the world of professional sports.

Feeling better about yourself? No? Good. Now get back to lifting. The full set of athletes can now be seen on ESPN.


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