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Femme Fatale Featuring Gooseberry Intimates x Richard Hughes

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When the brisk begins to take over it’s time to trade up the swimwear and venture indoors for an intimate lingerie photoshoot.

For Melbourne-based photographer, Richard Hughes, this was no standard shoot. The client was Gooseberry Intimates, one of the most intricate designers of lingerie making waves around the world today. If that wasn’t enough to show people that the grass is greener indoors, there’s also the case of not one but three models who helped Hughes out on this shoot.

Models Pia Cattapan, Bailey Scarlett and Kasia Z all lended a helping hand in capturing the fine silhouettes and exquisite construct of Gooseberry goods. Even Hughes himself found the project rewarding.

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“Gooseberry Intimates is one of the most angelic and delicate styles of lingerie. With it’s intricate designs and dreamcatcher like weave work, there was huge amounts of details to capture in each frame,” he said.

“From the get go I wanted to create something that felt a little euro with a focus on French Cinema. I love working with shadows and manipulating light to change the pacing and mood of a frame, my end goal was to make a classy, seductive, fem’fatale and film noir.”

What else can we say. Mission complete.

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