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GoPro Presents The Best Line Bike Contest 2016

Some mortals are content with just one life. Then there are those who are adamant that they have nine with eight to spare. GoPro have collected a group of the latter who are rather proficient in the sport of bike riding in order to compile this gnarly video of riders pulling off the most insane stunts from around the world.

The video was created to promote the brand’s annual GoPro of the World: Best Line Contest, a search for the world’s craziest lines direct from a rider’s GoPro helmet. It’s an audacious callout with entrants doing more than just jumping over dirt ramps to win the accolades of a global audience whilst vying for a $15,000 cash prize.

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If you plan on riding your bike down the shear face of a dam, you’re too late – it’s been done in the video above. Scope out your competition and life expectations, say a little prayer and then hit up the contest which  runs from July 1st – Nov 30, 2016.

Godspeed, two-wheeler.


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