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Heston Blumenthal Doesn’t Want You To Take Photos Of His Food

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If you had the chance to dive into one of Heston Blumenthal‘s bubbling, smoking, optical illusion dishes then it’d be pretty hard not to go straight for your iPhone to document every bite, but the celebrity chef thinks cameras should stay far away from his restaurants’ dining rooms.

“I would prefer it if they [diners] didn’t take any photos and just enjoyed themselves at the table, and certainly not take them throughout the whole meal,” Blumenthal told

“Sometimes people take pictures from the moment they get somewhere and the camera disengages them from the emotion of being in the environment and the moment, as opposed to taking in the atmosphere, smelling, seeing, hearing, touching, feeling, all those senses.”


Blumenthal also made the point that mid-dinner photo shoots aren’t fair on other diners who are trying to keep a low profile. “Who knows, if somebody takes a picture, somebody on the next table is sitting there with someone they shouldn’t be sitting there with, it’s an invasion of privacy on the person.” We can now only assume there is some seriously dodgy stuff happening at Blumenthal’s restaurant The Fat Duck.

Despite Blumenthal’s resistance to foodie shots, he has crafted some of the most Instagrammed dishes in the world. According to Broadsheet, #thefatduck has 8,427 posts and his deceiving creation #meatfruit has 3,762. #blessed


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