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8 Portable Protein Snacks That’ll Get You Ready For The Gym

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1 of 8|Edamame |Often found in your favourite Japanese eatery as an entree, Edamame beans havebeen lesser known as a rich source of protein. One cup of boiled Edamame holds about 18g of protein. Be sure to go light on the salt though.
2 of 8|Chocolate Milk|Little did you know that your favourite drink as a 10-year-old also has benefits in the gym. Chocolate milk is best consumed after a workout and one cup will do for 9g of protein. Feel free to carry it with you in a flask but do make sure it's the low sugar variety otherwise you'll be undoing the hard work.
3 of 8|Almonds|Almonds aren't just packed full of protein. they're also a top source of fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. 28g of dry roasted almonds will provide the body with six grams of protein. You get the drift. Get nutty before you hit the weights.
4 of 8|Hard Boiled Eggs|A classic in the kitchen that's easy to make and stow, the hard boiled egg is everyone's friend. Prepare them the night before, store them in the fridge or container and when it comes time for a snack, add a little salt and pepper and you're good for 6g of protein per egg.
5 of 8|Cashew Nuts|Dry-roasted cashews are nuts that are in abundance. They also happen to contain 4.7g of protein per 28g serving making this the ultimate snack choice throughout the working day. And since they're easy to store, buy them cheaper in bulk and then portion them to your liking as you go.
6 of 8|Protein Pancakes|If you've got a little time in the morning then get your hands dirty for some tasty protein pancakes. The recipe just takes two scrambled eggs and a banana on a hot pan. It's a tasty combination that will provide you with both energy and protein.
7 of 8|Broad Beans|Another bean doing the good work is broad beans. The green stuff provides up to 13g of protein per cup and can be roasted and thrown in with a salad or mashed up into a spread. Feel free to blend it with avocado for an even creamier texture.

8 of 8|Hemp Seeds|Don't try to grow these in the backyard. Hemp seeds are actually highly versatile and are nutty-tasting seeds. They're also small enough to ingest with your favourite foods or drink without being too flavour invasive. Each tablespoon of hemp seed provides 3.16g of protein.

The start of the working week means the beginning of another high-intensity workout program. As any man knows, it’s not easy to keep up with the stresses of a career whilst maintaining a protein-rich diet required for building muscles without adding fat.

So what’s the deal with protein anyway?

The human body needs protein as the main constituent for repairing body tissue and fighting infection. As well as being a source of energy, protein is also satiating meaning that it makes the body feel fuller over a duration without the sugar rush and dive that junk food provides.


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Thankfully there is a quick, natural and easy protein hit that takes little preparation. These eight obtainable snacks from the supermarket are also guaranteed to keep you well away from the snack drawer throughout the day, so listen carefully gym gentlemen.

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