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The Highest Paid Celebrities Of 2016 Have Been Revealed

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1 of 30|#1 Taylor Swift|$170m
2 of 30|#2 One Direction|$110m
3 of 30|#3 James Patterson|$95m
4 of 30|#4 Dr Phil McGraw|$88m
5 of 30|#5 Cristiano Ronaldo|$88m
6 of 30|#6 Kevin Hart|$87.5m
7 of 30|#7 Howard Stern|$85m
8 of 30|#8 Lionel Messi|$81.5m
9 of 30|#9 Adele |$80.5m
10 of 30|#10 Rush Limbaugh|$79m
11 of 30|#11 LeBron James|$77m
12 of 30|#12 Madonna|$76.5m
13 of 30|#13 Ellen DeGeneres|$75m
14 of 30|#14 (Tie) Rihanna |$75m
15 of 30|#15 Garth Brooks|$70m
16 of 30|#16 Roger Federer|$68m
17 of 30|#17 AC/DC|$67.5m
18 of 30|#18 Rolling Stones|$66.5m
19 of 30|#19 Dwayne Johnson|$64.5m
20 of 30|#20 David Copperfield|$64m
21 of 30|#21 Calvin Harris|$63m
22 of 30|#22 Diddy|$62m
23 of 30|#23 Jackie Chan|$61m
24 of 30|#24 Bruce Springsteen|$60.5m
25 of 30|#25 Paul McCartney|$56.5m
26 of 30|#26 Justin Bieber|$56m
27 of 30|#27 Kenny Chesney|$56m
28 of 30|#28 Novak Djokovic|$56m
29 of 30|#29 Kevin Durant|$56m
30 of 30|#30 Matt Damon|$55m

Each year, Forbes releases a list of the top moneymakers from Hollywood and beyond to make us green with envy, a little more focused on our piggy banks and inspired to begin a career in the limelight. This year’s list of the top 100 celebrity earners, however, is full of surprises.

While the likes of Tay-Tay, One Direction and The Biebs are predictably high on the list, there are a few curveballs. Author James Patterson, fresh-faced comedian Kevin Hart, radio host Rush Limbaugh and iconic musicians like Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney were laughing straight to the bank this year.

In fact, the list features a whopping 14 musicians in the top 30, and it’s not just your average pop star. Country stars Kenny Chesney and Garth Brooks, as well as Calvin Harris and Diddy made it big in 2016. Clearly music and money go hand-in-hand in this day and age.

Check out the full list on Forbes.

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