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Feeling Homesick? Call 1800 STRAYA

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If you’ve taken the plunge and hopped across the pond to start a new life in another country, there’s a high chance you’ll be missing Australia‘s balmy temperatures, blue oceans and Vegemite, amongst other things. Luckily, there is a solution.

The Homesickness Hotline, an initiative from Travel Insurance Direct, enables solo travellers to get their Aussie fix by dialling in and listening to one of nine iconic Australian sounds.

By punching (+61) 1800 STRAYA into your keypad you’ll be greeted by the familiar, and hilarious, sounds of:

  • The waves at Bondi Beach
  • The Aussie bush
  • The roar of the crowd at the MCG
  • Waltzing Matilda played on a gum leaf
  • Cockatoos waking you up
  • Being on hold to Centrelink
  • Your neighbour emptying tinnies into his wheelie bin
  • Sydney nightlife (the sound of crickets…awkward)
  • Your neighbour mowing his lawn.

We’re guessing the novelty of tinnies in the wheelie bin and cockatoos waking you up would eventually wear off, but if you’re craving a little taste of Australia, give the hotline a try yourself.


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