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Instagram Chef Spoofs High End Cuisine With Exquisite Junk Food Creations

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What happens when you combine a faux French chef, your favourite childhood snacks, and the magic of Instagram? Meet Jacques La Merde (aka Canadian chef Christine Flynn), a culinary artist who spoofs haute cuisine with elaborate, exquisite junk food dishes.

La Merde creates meals that look like they belong on Michelin-starred menus using candy, snack food, and basic grocery store fare. Each image is accompanied by a bro-tastic all-caps caption. “NEGATIVE SPACE GAME V. STRONG HERE,” proclaims one. “HANDS IN THE AIR IF YOU LOVE GOGURT BROS,” demands another. The character is over the top, goofy, irritating, yet simultaneously lovable.

Flynn describes her alter ego as a “bumbling idiot chef” who lacks tact and grammar, not to mention kitchen skills, but makes up for it all with enthusiasm. “I have laughed more in the last year than I have in my entire life,” she told Wired. “I’m calling out some of the more extreme parts of the industry. But it’s also lighthearted, benevolent satire.”


It’s also bafflingly appealing. La Merde’s meals make Golden Oreo Thins, Hostess Cupcakes, Bugles, and processed deli meats look delicious – even if you’re not stoned, but especially if you are. Check out some of La Merde’s incredible work above. Click the captions if you want to know what treats went into each dish, and follow the Instagram account for more imaginative junk food inventions.


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