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9 Of The Most Instagram Worthy Spots Around Australia

If your Instagram game has been pretty average lately, it might be time for a trip to where to grass is a little greener, or at least worthy of more followers and likes.

If you’re looking for a spot to get your Instagram on that doesn’t require a million filters but will guarantee you adoring Insta-fans, then look no further than below.

Sydney-based photographer Mitch Green recently revealed to Mashable his favourite spots around Australia to get the perfect Instagram photo, and here’s his top 9 picks.

#1 Centre Place, Melbourne


Lined with graffiti and bustling with hipsters and tourists alike, Melbourne’s Centre Place is the perfect laneway to appear #cultured.

#2 Allora, Queensland


Flowers are a magnet for likes on Instagram and the sunflower fields of Queensland’s Allora are no exception. Green described Allora as “one of those scenes where it’s actually impossible to take a bad photo.”

#3 Lucky Bay, Western Australia


If you’ve always wanted to get up-close-and-personal with a kangaroo, or at least let your followers know you have, then Lucky Bay in Western Australia is the Instagram worthy spot for you.

#4 Mrs Macquarie’s Point, Sydney


Okay, okay, so it’s a bit of a cliche cheesy wedding photo spot, but there’s no denying the views from Mrs Macquarie’s Point in Sydney. You can Instagram the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and the entire city skyline in one fell swoop.

#5 Liffey Point, Tasmania


Don’t go chasing waterfalls, or maybe do if you’re keen on growing your Insta-fan base. Nestled in Tasmania’s extensive rainforest, Liffey Point is an idyllic natural reserve which is also home to the stunning Liffey Falls.

#6 Honour Avenue, Macedon


Like a scene out of a Hollywood film, Macedon’s Honour Avenue is a breathtaking tree-lined street west of Melbourne that makes for some pretty incredible Instagram photos.

#7 Cape du Couedic Lighthouse, Kangaroo Island


Lighthouses always look good in a photo and the Cape du Couedic Lighthouse on Kangaroo Island is the perfect rugged, yet natural landmark to add to your Instagram newsfeed.

#8 Sugar Pine Forest, Laurel Hill, NSW


If you get up early enough for your next Instagram adventure, the sunrise that peers through Laurel Hill’s Sugar Pine Forest is pretty darn spectacular, and it’s only a 2.5 drive from Canberra.

#9 Mount Gillen, Alice Springs


The outback is another Aussie gem when it comes to taking an Instagram photo that turns heads. That’s why Mount Gillen in Alice Springs makes Mitch Green’s list of Instagram worthy spots. Just remember to pack your hiking boots.

[via Mashable]




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