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The Most Germ-Infested Places On An Airplane

While the weather in Australia continues to be more unpredictable than Donald Trump’s hair, there is little to do but anticipate rain and steadily procrastinate at your desk. This, my friend, is something we can help with.

Whether you want to avoid getting sick on your next overseas business trip, wondering if you should grow a beard or what your signature Emoji should be, we have the Pointless & Awesome facts to get you through this Tuesday.

#1 The Most Germ-Infested Spots On An Airplane



When you and 350 other passengers are crammed into a little aluminium tin can 40,000 feet in the sky, things are bound to get messy. No surprise really, then, that the airplanes are some of the most germy places around.

Drezel Medicine compiled a list of the 6 most germ-infested places on a plane, and here’s the low-down, via Refinery 29.

  • Seat Pockets: Some passengers use seat-back pockets as a trash bin and they can full of everything from napkins to nail trimmings and dirty diapers. Nice.
  • Airplane Bathrooms: Go to the bathroom before getting on a plane, since plane bathrooms breed bacteria like E. Coli. Guess that means joining the Mile High Club is out of the question.
  • Tray Tables: Flight attendants have reported seeing everything from passengers changing dirty diapers to using tray tables to high chewed gum. Put your laptop on your lap, or if you have to use the tray table, wipe it down with disinfectant.
  • Pillows & Blankets: They’re often recycled from other drowsy, drooling passengers. Bring your own.
  • Touchscreen: Nearly everyone who sat in your seat before you has touched that screen, and who knows where their hands have been.
  • In-Flight Magazines: They only get cleaned when a new issue comes out, once a quarter, which means 3-months worth of dirty hands have been thumbing through those pages.

#2 Things You Didn’t Know About Blood


Blood. You know…that red stuff coursing through your veins and essentially keeping you alive? Well, it’s pretty important. So, for the sake of procrastination, here are a few things you probably didn’t know about the essential bodily fluid, via Gizmodo.

  1. Is blood blue in your veins? Blood is never blue. While your veins may appear to run blue with blood, this actually has to do with the way light interacts with blood and skin.
  2. Are bears actually attracted to menstrual blood? It’s a hilarious and age-old question, but it actually depends on the kind of bear. One study concluded that while black bears don’t care for period blood, polar bears definitely do.
  3. Pope Innocent VIII is occasionally said to have been history’s first recipient of a bloody transfusion.
  4. Some scientists feared infusing a human’s blood with an animal’s in early blood transfusions would create abominable human-animal hybrids.
  5. Shakespeare loved blood: Not only did Shakespeare used the word blood 673 times in 571 speeches in 41 of his plays and poems, but he would commonly use buckets of animal blood for his own plays.

#3 Why Men’s & Women’s Shirt Buttons Are Opposite


If your girlfriend has ever thrown on one of your business shirts, she may have noticed that the buttons are on opposite sides to women’s. But why? Huffington Post has all the answers.

Apparently, the different styles date back to when buttons were invented, around the 13th century. “Only wealthy women could afford to have buttons on their shirts, and if you were wealthy, you also had ladies maids. So having the buttons on the other side made sense, because it was someone else buttoning your clothes.” Mind, blown.

#4 The Cultural Significance Of Beards



Beards have carried great meaning and provided astonishing function throughout human history. From serving as political and fashion statements, to piety and wisdom, and today’s hairy and fashionable hipsters, Advanced Dermatology explored how beards have changed over time. Here are some highlights.

  • In ancient Egypt, upper class men maintained elaborate beards, often dyeing them and entwining them with gold thread. Compare this with ancient Egypt’s dynastic period, hair was actually seen as a low-class sign of animal tendencies, so many men removed all their hair from their bodies. Even their eyelashes.
  • In the U.S., members of congress avoid beards because they believe it suggests they’re opposed to women’s issues.
  • Because of the current trend in facial hair, many New York hipsters pay upwards of $8,000 for facial hair transplants to correct patchy beards.

#5 What World Emoji Day Revealed About The World


In today’s crazy world of Hiddleswifts and political blunders a-plenty, Emojis have become a form of communication just as acceptable as a phone call. In fact, Saturday marked World Emoji Day and the world’s top tweeted emojis were revealed. Here’s the low-down, via Gizmodo.

  • Australia & Germany: thumbs-up
  • Indonesia & Philippines: grimacing face
  • Japan: beating heart
  • Italy: sparkling heart
  • France: heart with arrow
  • Spain: flexed biceps
  • U.K., Canada & U.S.A: tired face
  • Colombia, Brazil & Argentina: multiple musical notes
  • Mexico & India: prayer hands


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