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5 Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know Today [25.07.16]

Yes, we know, it’s Monday. There’s no easing the lack of motivation you’re feeling on this dreaded first day of the week. BUT, we can help you procrastinate like a seasoned professional, with these Pointless and Awesome facts.

If you’re desperate to understand WTF Pokémon Go is all about, need some career inspiration from the greats, want to make cooking a little stressful, or feel more productive at work, read on.

#1 The History Of The Word Pokémon



As most of the world continues its obsession with Pokémon Go, and the rest recoil in frustration, there seems to be no stopping the Japanese consortium from world domination. A definition for Pokémon has even been added to, it reads:

  1. a media franchise including video games, animated television series, movies, card games, etc. that depict a fictional class of pet monsters and their trainers.
  2. a pet monster in this fictional world.

But where did the name Pokémon come from, anyway? Apparently, it was created through a process known as ‘wasei eigo’, which means ‘Japan-made English’. In this case, the words ‘pocket’ and ‘monster’ were “transmogrified” so they sound like a more typical Japanese phrase.

When developer Satoshi Tajiri launched Pokémon in the mid-90s, he took the first syllables of each word – poketto monsutã – and mashed them together…and Pokémon was born.

[via TIME]

#2 Successful People Who Got Their Start Working In Fast Food


If you’re first job was at McDonald’s and you still haven’t quite landed your dream job, fear not. Here are some extremely successful people who got their start flipping greasy burgers and shovelling fries, via Business Insider.

  1. Barack Obama: The President of the United States worked at Baskin-Robbins at high school.
  2. Jay Leno: According to Forbes, Leno worked at McDonald’s as a teenager.
  3. James Franco: Franco used to put on fake accents for customers to practice his acting and ate cheeseburgers destined for the trash when he worked at McDonald’s.
  4. Brad Pitt: Pitt dressed as a chicken to entice customers into El Pollo Loco in the mid-80’s.
  5. Chris Rock: The comedian lived a minimum wage lifestyle while working at Red Lobster.

#3 Study Finds Smart People Should Spend Less Time With Friends


A recent study led by psychologists at Singapore Management University and the London School of Economics, found that people are generally happier the more time they spend with friends…except for really smart people.


Two studies, which involved interviews with more that 15,000 people between ages 18 and 28 in the years 2001 and 2001.

The first study looked participants’ scores on an intelligence test, the population density in the area they lived, and how satisfied participants were with their lives and found that people were generally happier in less populated areas – except for highly intelligent people.

The second study looked at the link between IQ scores, life satisfaction and how often participants socialised. The results found that the more time people spent with friends, the happier they were – except for very smart people. In fact, the more intelligent people socialised with friends, the less they were satisfied they were with life.

Apparently, humans used to live in communities of about 150 people, so when we’re in environments where the population exceeds that number, we’re not as comfortable or happy. Similarly, in those groups of hunters and gatherers, frequent contact was crucial to survival, so when we feel isolated now, we feel less happy.

The most intriguing find, however, was that highly intelligent participants actually spend more time with friends, suggesting that people either don’t know what makes them happy, or don’t have much control over how they spend their time.

[via Business Insider]

#4 Creative Food Hacks


We all love a hack. Anything to make your life that little bit easier has got to be good news, right? Well, here are a few food-related hacks you’ll wonder what you ever did without, via Awesome Inventions.

  1. Use unscented dental floss to cut cakes, cheese, and other soft solids.
  2. Put your ice cream tub in a ziplock bag so that it doesn’t go rock hard in the freezer.
  3. Make fishing accidental shell from your cracked egg easier by wetting your fingers first.
  4. Remove the stem from strawberries using a straw.
  5. If the brown stem on the top of your avocado comes off easily and you see green underneath, it’s ripe. If the stem doesn’t come off you see brown, it isn’t ripe.

#5 The Way Colours Affect Your Mood


Did you know that colour can change your mood? “We have a repository of information about a colour,” Colour Specialist Leatrice Eiseman told Science of People. “The colour blue is almost always associated with blue skies, which when we are children is a positive thing. Evolutionary it also means there are no storms to come. This is why it reminds us of stability and calm.” So how can you pick the perfect colour for each part of your life? Here’s a quick guide, via Science of People.

  1. Your Desktop – Green: The colour green is restful for eyes and produces the least amount of eyestrain.
  2. At The Gym – Orange: This is colour of stimulation and enthusiasm. Research has found that orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, and stimulates brain activity.
  3. On A Date – Blue: This is the most stable colour, and women love stable men. It also helps to calm nerves.
  4. Your Office – Blue and Green: In 1999, researchers found that workers in blue offices felt the most centred, calm and hopeful toward their work while green reduces anxiety and is associated with money.
  5. If You Want To Seem Aggressive: Researchers examined stats from more than 52,000 National Hockey League games and found that teams were penalised more for aggression while wearing black jerseys.


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