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Man Ejected From Golf Tournament For Slapping Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has had an unnerving moment at the 2016 ACC golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Whilst traversing the green through delighted crowds on Saturday, the 35-year-old was met with a minor slap to the face whilst being flanked by his entourage of security. Timberlake quickly paused in shock before staring at the offender to extend the scathing remark: “Bro, why did you do that?”

Timberlake appeared to be held back slightly by his security before he turned away and continued on his way to the green. His security later caught up with the man about the issue whilst the tournament representatives deemed it a “minor incident” as the slap wasn’t considered severe enough for Timberlake to press charges.


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It didn’t end there though with reports from police via TMZ that they later tried to escort the man from the grounds after he refused to leave. TMZ said that the slapper was an overzealous fan who had been drinking and said he just wanted to “touch” the singer.

Many have called Timberlake out for his overreaction on the matter but it’s simple to see where his concern comes from – perhaps imagine if the hand was holding a syringe.

Regardless, the weekend wasn’t completely marred by close facial encounters. Timberlake joined the Fresh Prince‘s Alfonso Ribeiro and NBA star Stephen Curry for a round of the Carlton Dance after Ribeiro fired off a winner at the 17th tee. Watch the celebratory affair below.


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