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Get The Celebrity Look For Less: Luke Evans’ Sharp British Tailoring

British tailoring is a coveted word that is often thrown around but rarely does it ever come cheap. The sharp cut of the suits paired with classic patterns, hues and the fine craftsmanship are enough to make any grown man weep with joy. Until they see a hefty bill at the end.

Thankfully there’s a shortcut around this predicament. It might not have the same premium feel of British tailoring but it’ll certainly be enough to mimic the look whilst you save up those hot little pennies for the real deal. Here’s how to pull off British tailoring on the go complements of British actor, Luke Evans.


Breaking It Down

British tailoring is notably different to its Italian counterpart in that the look is a lot cleaner, following the ways of old and bringing it into the modern world with a sharp suit that’s cut closer to the body. Luke Evans is a prime candidate for executing this flawless look, relying on classic British colours such as navy, hunter green or classic grey to get the job done.

They’re not bold colours or patterns by any means but when combined with a double breasted or three-piece ensemble, the outfits come together on their own.

The three styles that Evans pulls off here range from casual to semi-formal to formal (L-R). Finer details which allow the suit to stand out without breaking the royal family’s rules includes accessories such as shoes with coloured soles, a solid metallic pocket square or a simple tie to go with a double breasted blazer.

Again, fit is most important to pulling off the British look so ensure that the off-the-rack items you’re buying are labelled slim if you’re not too bulky. These garments will sit better on the shoulders and wrap around your legs with minimal adjustment – except maybe for cuff length which is cheap to alter.

So there you have it. Quick and easy British tailoring without the British price tag.


Jeans: Calibre – $169
Shirt: Topman – £18.00
Shoes: Aquila – $179


Shoes: Aquila – $289
Shirt: ASOS – $47.60
Pocket Square: TIe Bar – $10

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