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A Personal New Way To Sharpen Your Style

The following article has been sponsored by Lynx

Pop quiz hotshot. It’s a brisk Monday morning and the Rain Gods have ravaged your work week threads.

You realise that ‘Wet T-shirt Day’ at work isn’t until next Wednesday. And the inside of your closet? Knitted socks in canary yellow, your once favourite tie emblazoned with flying toasters and zero stylish accessories to work with.

What do you do?

You get off the bus and revamp your own style, Keanu.

The good people at LYNX have partnered with designer Felix Chan to help you do exactly that with a bold new line of men’s accessories guaranteed to retire the toaster tie for good, creating a line of fashion accessories under the Find Your Magic Collection to celebrate the launch of their new Cologne for Everyday.  

Joining LYNX and Chan on this charitable cause are three of Australia’s leading creatives who have individually curated their own vision of fashion. The hit list of cool cats includes Mercado head chef Nathan Sasi, former Bondi Ink tattoo artist Giorgia Mae and multiple Australian Men’s Hairdresser of the Year winner, Jules Tognini.

Behind The Nathan Sasi Designs

Sasi, who works creatively with food and produces some of the most mind-boggling desserts in Sydney for a living has graced his eyes over a number of bespoke items which he hopes will help Australian men stand out. A silk pocket square, a pair of cross socks and a classic patterned tie inspired by his love of old-school fashion should appeal to the sophisticated gentleman who loves to dress sharp and remain graceful.

“I think accessories help men express themselves as they’re the finishing touch which can really bring an outfit together and help create an added edge,” says Sasi.

Behind The Giorgia Mae Designs

Meanwhile local tattoo hero Giorgia Mae has created a silk scarf, an arrow tie and a pair of plaid socks which caters more to the edgier man with a bit of flair and a lot of appreciation for detail. Mae says that the silk scarf is her platform for showing off her artistic side and love for drawing.

“My wolf sketch was printed straight onto the fabric and I love how you can wear it in your own way,” Mae explained.

Behind The Jules Tognini Designs

Finally we have a multiple recipient of the Australia and New Zealand Men’s Hairdresser of the Year award, Jules Tognini. With the help of Chan, the local hair maestro created a blue bandana, a blunt tie and a pair of tie-dye socks to capture his own laidback and free-spirited vibe, a trait which is often displayed through his clients’ hairstyles.

“I look at hair as an accessory all to itself, as something you can use to show your personal style. My collection is all about the things I would rock every day,” Tognini said.

Dressing Sharp For A Charitable Cause

Helping men of this world discover their own style is just scratching the surface. The Find Your Magic Collection is also about assisting young people get their foot in the door of creative fields, allowing them a chance to prove their chops in front of the most talented people in the industry.

To help achieve this ambitious goal, all proceeds from the bespoke collection will go directly to I-Manifest, a charity tasked with this very role of fostering creative career paths for young people.

Don’t be a slacker. Discover your own style whilst lending a helping hand to the next generation of artistic leaders.

Head over to the MITT Market to purchase the featured items in the collection now.




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