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Let Margot Robbie Educate You On Australian Slang

Ah, the Australian vernacular. Laid back, slurred and bloody confusing to anyone who didn’t grow up here.

If you’re not familiar with the terms “Hard Yakka” and “Fair Dinkum”, Vanity Fair have enlisted the helping hand of Aussie actress (and mega babe) Margot Robbie to sort the ‘stubbies’ from the ‘tinnies’ in an educational video on Australian slang.

Sitting pretty on a tropical beach, Robbie covers everything from the ‘thong’, which in Oz does not refer to underwear, the perils of ‘chundering’ or ‘chucking a sickie’ and even the international differences in the word ‘fanny’…. while ‘doovalacky’ proves too much of a stretch for the actress, we can safely assume it would be for most people trying to wrap their head around Aussie dialect.


Watch and learn.

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  • Thomas Coates

    actually, it’s pretty confusing for people who did grow up there. Some australian slang is regional and lists often prioritize southern slang. As a native of Brisbane, i associate the more gratuitous, intentionally confusing, too-confident displays of australianness with sydney and melbourne (places that suffer from delusions of establishment).
    Apart from the fact that some of this slang is British, i’m not sure they got some of the more obvious examples: ocker, yobbo, hoon (on consideration, we have a coarse vocabulary for policing coarseness).
    (I appreciate i’m missing the point, but it’s the internet and you get one free rant a day and deliberately bewildering australian slang is a peeve.)

  • Ian

    Perhaps next time Margot could prepare and actually get them right.

  • Luc Wiesman

    100 – Arvo….


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