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25 Eye-Popping Examples Of Maximalist Interior Design

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Sometimes less is more, as these 25 striking examples of minimalist interior design prove. Other times, less is a bore. Maximalist interior design embraces bold colours, layered patterns, and artful clutter to create charmingly madcap spaces.

The only limit to your maximalism is your imagination. Start with a serious library of books (perhaps stacked on the floor), paired with stylishly overflowing gallery walls. It’s delicate and over the top simultaneously, an easy way to dip your toe into maximalist waters.

From there, be fearless. Splash a bright coat of paint across your walls. Or a dark one. Or daringly printed wallpaper. Stock up and patterned pillows, patterned rugs, patterned chairs and sofas. Arrange art and tschotskes everywhere.

Above are 25 eye-popping examples to inspire your next interior design adventure. Warning: these are not for the faint of heart or timid of taste.


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