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Men’s Jewellery Brands & How To Rock Bling Like A Legend

The popularity of men’s jewellery has seen plenty of highs and lows over the course of fashion history, but we’re happy to report that we seem to be in the midst of a high point right now. Our favourite brands of the moment are producing a diverse assortment of pieces, ranging from the stylishly ornate to the stunningly simple. If you’re looking for something cheesy or poorly made, look elsewhere – these men’s jewellery brands are producing some of the coolest, well-executed pieces around.

Men’s Jewellery Brands To Know

Johnny Ramli

johnny-ramliJohnny Ramli’s jewellery is handmade from materials like oxidized silver, copper, gold, bone, horn and precious stones. The pieces combine rock ‘n’ roll charm with rustic metalwork and the designer’s signature religious imagery, sitting comfortably at the intersection between spiritual influences, Asian design and Western fashion. Johnny Ramli’s statement-making jewellery can be found online and in 12 countries around the world, including America, Japan, Israel, Italy, the UK and France.

Ugo Cacciatori

Ugo-CacciatoriUgo Cacciatori started out designing women’s clothing in the late 90s, but ventured into jewellery in 2001 and has never looked back. By 2003, his pieces could be found for sale at Harvey Nichols in London, Barneys in New York and Antonia Antonioli in Milan. Ugo Cacciatori’s silver creations are romantic and adventurous, full of skulls, stones and shells, like something that came from a dreamy fantasy world. Gents like Karl Lagerfeld, Jay Z and Keith Richards are fans.

Thomas Sabo

thomas-saboThe Rebel At Heart collection from Thomas Sabo is designed for both the renegade and the dandy. Any man who prefers accessories that are confident, cutting-edge and full of attitude will find something to love about Rebel At Heart. The collection’s signature piece is the enigmatic skull mask, with its elaborately designed cut-out look and black pavé Zirconia. In addition to the assortment of skulls, the range incorporates leather, obsidian, silver, rosary-style beads, dragons and crosses.

Luis Morais

luis-moraisLuis Morais’ jewellery-making career began in 1998 in Miami Beach, when he saw a bracelet he liked in a magazine and made his own DIY version. More than a decade later, the brand still carries that spirit in its unique and locally handmade pieces. Morais’ casual rock ‘n’ roll vibe means plenty of skulls and crosses, but they’re always accompanied by chic touches of gold, diamonds, gems and crocodile skin or bright pops of colour. Some even feature recycled vinyl from old records.


miansaiA single bracelet started it all. That one bracelet, created in Miami in 2008, spawned Miansai, and more than five years later, founder and creative director Michael Saiger has turned his vision into a timeless and tasteful jewellery brand. Over 30 skilled craftsmen and artisans use fine metals and exotic skins to craft Miansai’s pieces, which range from necklaces to bracelets to belts and often feature anchors or fish hooks.

Le Gramme

Le-GrammeLe Gramme borrows its name from the universal measure of unit. The jewellery is contemporary, minimalist and masculine, with clean lines and no details except for small, unobtrusive engravings. Each bracelet is made from recycled silver and named after its density: Le 7g, Le 15g, Le 21g, Le 27g, Le 33g and Le 41g. The collection comes in 3 sizes / 6 widths / 6 basis weights, so you can mix and match to create a personalised statement.

Everything You Need To Know

Metals, woods and leathers all make up this season’s bracelets, rings and lapel pins; meaning it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, deciding just what kind of jewellery is best. And, how much is too much? Read on to learn the sheen and glean of jewellery for men.

Jewellery For Men

Jewellery for men is best seen (and worked) in the warmer months; giving a summer outfit (void of heavy layers and clothes) something of a point of difference. Jacked up jewellery is a huge trend with leather cuffs, plaited bracelets and woven threads adding a natural texture to glass beading, metallic trinkets and silk bands. So, the only thing ‘sissy’ about jewellery for men, is not having the guts to invest in the key pieces.

Wrist Action

Jewellery For Men

A watch needs a companion once in a while, and the bracelet and/or cuff is the partner to do so. Wrist adornments are ideal for adding personality to an outfit, and it doesn’t weigh you down like a scarf or hat. This season is all about the bracelet; clean, casual and demure so it can be worn all day long; from work to evening drinks.

From beaded to leather, metal to cotton, the bracelet is an excellent texture addition. Paired with a flat cotton shirt, chinos and deck shoes, a leather bracelet smartens up a dressier weekend look, especially in a natural brown, black or tan.

Want a splash or colour? The beaded or textile bracelet works well layered – two or three at a time, and on one or both of the wrists. Then, mix in some equally vibrant shorts and a tank or relaxed tee. Chuck on some leather sliders to class things up or opt for sockless plimsolls if sandals aren’t your thing.

The cuff is more of a statement piece and is more risqué. In leather it can look a touch punk-ish and in gold or silver, the risk is in resembling a slimy, Mafia boss. Opt for browns and tans when going leather and metals look best thinner and slightly loose; opting for oxidised silver if the sheen becomes all too much. The cuff really is a smart addition to a linen short suit or blazer and chino combination – just like a watch.

Neck It

Jewellery For Men

Necklaces need to be kept as low key as possible. Unlike the bracelet, stay clear of beads and craft-like pendants. And, physical width is important; opting for fine to medium width chains in silver, dark gold and brass. Leather necklaces work well with silver pendants for a bit on contrast in materials. And, keep any jewels and gems to a minimum; making sure the necklace doesn’t look too feminine.

The length of the smart, silver/gold necklace should sit on the chest bone with longer lengths tending to be a bit more casual; keeping these for more urban or longline looks. Experiment with the length and let it be a comfort thing as well as an aesthetic choice.

For a summer look, pair the necklace with a scoop neck tee or v-neck in a relaxed fit, over shorts or jeans; letting the necklace sit either over the tee or under, depending on how much of statement you want to make.

A silver necklace – in a lean width – sits nicely under the collar of a smart shirt buttoned-up to the top; acting as a replacement for a conventional tie (if you like) – over trousers or black jeans. Otherwise, adopt a lightweight cotton shirt and leave the first two buttons open; roll up the sleeves and leave the shirt untucked – working a chain (or two) into the look for an Italian, vacation feel.

Bling Ring

Jewellery For Men

No longer reserved for married men, rings are now common indicators of style. So to avoid looking recently hitched, opt for oxidised (think dull) silver, brass or tarnished gold – as opposed to rose gold or sparkly silver. Solid geometric shapes work well with oxidised metals for a minimalist take, while carvings, mounted moulds and tarnished rocks or gems make for a boho chic aesthetic.

For the latter, lather up on rings; working different metals in plain bands, next to random coloured rock or plaited workmanship on the ring. Otherwise, a signet ring is a more refined take on the jewel, working impeccably with a suit for work. And, it’s a dapper way to add some sentiment to your outfit, incorporating a family crest or personal symbol onto the band.

Not So Stuffy Cuffs

Jewellery For Men

The cufflink is transitioning from formal attire to more pared back formal looks and luxed-up smart casual. While the metallic jewels are petite, they are in prime position to add some colour, and bling to a standard shirt.

The cufflink comes in so many different varieties this season – metals (enamelled brass, brushed rhodium and gold plated), shapes (ace cards, skulls and fishing hooks) and texture (mother of pearl, burnished and high gloss). So, it’s unacceptable not finding a pair suited to your style.

Place a brassy, tarnished pair of cufflinks with an open-neck linen shirt, chinos and loafers for the weekend; or get out your pinstripe navy suit for the office, and opt for a charming mother of pearl cufflink with tan shoes, silk tie and pastel blue shirt. Then, pick your lapel decor.

La Boutonniere

Jewellery For Men

Rivalling the pocket square this season, the boutonniere or lapel pin is the suit jacket’s new best friend for spicing up a smart outfit. In keeping with ring, cuff and cufflinks, a simple metal lapel pin makes a bourgeois addition to a suit during the working week (dress code permitting). Just remember to match it to the other metals you’re wearing and don’t over-do it – if you opt for a lapel pin, leave behind the collar bar and tie clip.

For a more a casual feel, a stone-embedded broach is ideal for summer time, pinned into a cotton blazer in navy or green, over khaki chinos and leather weave boat shoes. For an ultra dandy look, take the flamboyance to another level, a fabric-made flower pin, matched with a duck-egg blue jacket, white trousers and navy velvet slippers.

Now, you’re garden party ready.

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