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A New Approach To Male Birth Control Is Coming

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If the thought of a vasectomy is enough to make you never want to unzip your trousers again, then here’s some good news, new birth control product for men is just around the corner.

Contraline’s Echo-V and Vasalgel are the latest technologies in male contraceptives. These polymer gel-like devices work by being injected into the ‘vas deferens’ (the ball sack), where they harden and block sperm from leaving the body.

Despite researchers unaware of how well the devices will hold up once inside the body, they are well on their way to being available. “Our goal is to be at the FDA’s doorstep in January or February of 2017,” Contraline co-founder Kevin Eisenfrats told Cosmo. “I’m going to give you the conservative estimate, so you can come back and make sure I held my word: We plan on having Echo-V on the market in five years.”


The biggest difference between Vasalgel and Echo-V, however, is how they are inserted into the body. Echo-V is injected via ‘vasintomy’, which unlike a vasectomy is non-surgical. In fact, the whole procedure to inject Echo-V only takes 3 minutes with some local anesthetic, whereas Vasalgel requires a small incision.

“There are a couple of urologists who are testing [the procedure] and they say it’s easier than a vasectomy,” Eisenfrats said. As for cost? Eisenfrats early estimate is that Echo-V will be comparable in price to a vasectomy, which is about $720.

“Men want to help female partners out now, I think times are changing,” he said. If you’re keen to bear the burden of birth control instead of your partner, then the future is now.

[via Cosmopolitan]


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