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Ryan Gosling Reunites With Emma Stone In ‘La La Land’

The onscreen romance between Emma Stone and the perennially stylish Ryan Gosling is getting a revamp in the upcoming La La Land.

This is the third time that Stone will play the love interest of Gosling, having first appeared together in Crazy Stupid Love and then Gangster Squad. In La La Land Gosling plays a jazz musician who lingers throughout Hollywood’s dingy bar scene in hopes of making ends meet. Stone who is an aspiring actress herself is also in the same position as she serves coffee for living.

The comedy-drama story plays out like a Hollywood movie in itself, as the pair meet and allow their romance to blossom whilst trying to crack into the lucrative entertainment industry.

One thing audiences will notice in the trailer is that there’s no dialogue between the characters, instead relying on the fundamentals of acting to convey the plot.

The film also stars J.K Simmons and crooner John Legend amongst a host of others when it lands in cinemas December 2.


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