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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #87

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1 of 6|Cyclotron Bike
2 of 6|Roka Maverick X Wetsuit
3 of 6|Spector Typeface & Color Collector
4 of 6|Softub Moveable Hot Tub
5 of 6|Waterlovt Houseboat
6 of 6|Rimowa x Moncler

It’s time to leave the Pokemon games to the kids. These are the week’s best gadgets and tech for real men who appreciate engineering, ingenuity and luxury. Welcome to Shut up & Take My Money, a place where we show you the coolest ways to get into debt.

#1 Cyclotron Bike

Your TRON dreams are finally here with a futuristic bike which ditches the conventional wheel spokes in favour of anything else you can fit in there from crates to groceries to beer. The bike is built on a carbon fibre frame and features integrated LEDs alongside an optional electronic gearbox to ensure you’ll roll in style when the sun goes down. Watch the video below to find out more.


Price: €1,199

#2 Roka Maverick X Wetsuit

The new Roka Maverick X Wetsuitis equivalent to Ironman’s suit of armour made for swimming. The high-tech garment has been designed to aid swimmers with arms-up use, freeing swimmers from  the catch phase of the stroke when in the water. The suit itself is made from nano-coated neoprene with the forearm section made from Italian stretch woven textile for superior feel. Dubbed the “fastest wetsuit ever built”, it’ll be interesting to see if it makes it to the Rio Olympic Games before being banned.

Price: $900/BUY

#3 Spector Typeface & Color Collector

This one is definitely for the art and writing junkies who love to bask in the glory of fonts and colour wheels. Saving you a trip to the Pantone store and hours of font searching frustration, Spector is a new portable device which can scan text fonts and colours in the real world before saving it as a data to be reproduced on your own work via a computer. See a colour on a wall you like? Scan the Spector over and you’ve got it saved onto the device to be used later on in your upcoming book. Such is the processing power of the device that it can even communicate with InDesign, Photoshop and Pages in real time via plugin. Colours are also given detailed CMYK, RGB and Pantone values.

Price: $TBA/BUY

#4 Softub Moveable Hot Tub

Luxury doesn’t need to be confined to the one space. Softub is a lightweight jacuzzi tub that is designed to be rolled around to the place where it’s most needed. It’s powered by a standard powerpoint and is controlled with snazzy electronics which keeps the temperature levels ideal. It also comes in various sizes to suit two people through to five.

Price: $7,255/BUY


#5 Waterlovt Houseboat

Can’t decide whether you want a house or boat? Get both with the Waterlovt Houseboat. The living craft was designed and built in Holland and by specialised boat builders. The rectangular home is crafted from lightweight wood, steel and a lot of glass to make the most of the rotating views. The Waterlovt Houseboat comes in sizes from 90 to 240 square metres.

Price: $TBA/BUY

#6 Rimowa x Moncler

Rimowa has teamed up with Moncler for another stint of designer luxury luggage. Their latest Topas range comes in a gun metal aluminium construction with special camo lining that is quilted on the inside to replicate Moncler’s popular down jackets. Rimowa will also be offering a range of accessories to suit the lining.

Price: $TBA/BUY


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