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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #88

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1 of 6|NES Classic Edition
2 of 6|Marc Newson x Louis Vuitton Luggage
3 of 6|Rapha TT Suit
4 of 6| Hareide Design Yacht
5 of 6|1990 Rambo Lambo
6 of 6|Grillo Portable Grill

Say hello to this week’s coolest tech, gadgets and objects of affection that’ll make any grown man cry as they open up their wallets. This is Shut Up & Take My Money.

#1 Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition

Brace yourselves, children of the 80s. Nintendo have gone retro and re-released their iconic gaming console to the masses. The updated 2016 version does away with the cumbersome gaming cartridges and uses the marvels of modern technology to provide 30 games in one shrunken unit. That’s three Marios, two Zeldas, a handful of Castlevanias, Metroid, and Tecmo Bowl for the nostalgia junkies. There’s no need to worry about coaxial cables as the updated machine also connects to television via HDMI whilst gaming controllers are Wii compatible. Get yours in November.

Price: $60/BUY


#2 Marc Newson x Louis Vuitton Luggage

Two of the biggest names in their respective industries have teamed up for a rolling luggage collection guaranteed to turn heads. Designed by Marc Newson for the 21st century traveller, the cases feature a slim moulded elastic and shock proof mesh matrix of reinforced polypropylene composite. What this means is a super light package which slims down Louis Vuitton’s Monogram canvas by 50% without compromising on the iconic striking design. The grand rollers come in mini (50 x 35 x 20 cm), cabin (55 x 39 x 21 cm) and maxi (68 x 46 x 26 cm) sizes as well as a range of finishes in classic Monogram canvas, Monogram Eclipse, Damier Graphite, Taiga leather and seven bright hues of Epi leather.

Price: +US$2,660/BUY

#3 Rapha TT Skinsuit

They call it the fastest cycling kit ever made and there’s a good reason behind it. This year the Sky team will be wearing it in the Tour de France and Rapha’s own Derrick Lewis has said that its the fastest option available this year, cutting 15-30 seconds out of a 30 minute ride in wind tunnel testing when compared to the previous TT suit. To achieve this Rapha tested different materials ranging from rough to smooth surfaces on different parts of the body to manipulate air flow around it. In total Rapha R&D tested 17 fabrics with 25 combinations resulting in 21 versions of the TT before the fastest was chosen. If you’re serious about cycling or just want bragging rights, keep your eyes peeled for the official release.

Price: $TBA/BUY

#4 Hareide Design Yacht

The Swedes sure do know how to design more than just a loft. Taking to the seas is this impressive mega-yacht by Swedish design studio Hareide Design. It features a 108 metre hull which elegantly combines a grand hall with uninterrupted views of the sea as well as an elevating dining area amongst a garden that flows out to a 20 metre pool. Head downstairs and there’s a sundeck which doubles as a miniature beach. Helicopter landing pad included.

Price: $TBA/BUY

#5 1990 Rambo Lambo

Lamborghini weren’t always just supercar makers. Back in 1990 they tried their hand at a Hummer off-roader and this is the result – one of the world’s rarest Lamborghinis to date. This particular LM002 model is dubbed the ‘Rambo Lambo’ for its striking colour and comes in immaculate condition with a Diablo V12 engine. More than $325,000 was spent just on its restoration and now it can be yours for a small fortune.

Price: $439,000/BUY


#6 Grillo Portable Grill

Take you grilling game to the next level with the designer-inspired Grillo. More than just looking hella sexy, the grill also moves around quite well with its umbrella like design which allows it to fold up and pack away for the next adventure. The stainless steel ‘fire hammock’ can handle wood or charcoal and can be ignited from the bottom for safety. Even cleaning looks like a breeze on this thing.

Price: $TBA/BUY


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