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The Great Room In Singapore Is Cooler Than Your Workplace

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Looking more like the ultimate bachelor pad than a dreaded place where dreams go to die, The Great Room is Singapore’s answer to the modern day co-working space.

The floor is designed to free traditional office dwellers from the obsolete confines of a desk and chair whilst offering up things like private telephone booths, lockers, showers, a yoga studio and one hell of a series of themed meeting rooms. Think vintage leather furniture, suede, velvet pillows and Okume timber desks along with open-plan natural lighting. Those lucky enough to call this place work will also be greeted with luxury appointments such as Tappeti rugs, exclusive art pieces and a good lashing of Mother Nature in the form of indoor plants.

Jaelle Ang who is the space’s co-founder said that, “Increasingly, workers and companies are realising they need to use a wide range and typology of work spaces to accommodate this increasingly diverse workforce and the different expectations of what work is, and where and when that work should happen.”


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“The best performers are measured by the value they bring into the business, and this value is no longer created by sitting for 40 hours in a traditional fixed office in front of the desktop.”

“They [traditional office spaces] no longer fulfil today’s evolving needs and co-working spaces. We decided to focus our workspace offering on the very ancient and primal act – which is about taking care of people and about communal consumption.”

The ambitious project was a result of Ang as well as designers Matt Shang and Paul Semple of Hassell Studio who overlooked the entire design process.

So how is your workplace looking at the moment?


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