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Disney Teases ‘Star Wars Land’ As Theme Park Moves Closer To Completion

Fans of the iconic space franchise will soon be able to take their love for Star Wars into their local theme park with Disney giving a glimpse of what’s in store.

The new project isn’t a secret by any means with the park’s expansion having chugged along for some time now. The newly released artist impression is however new and a precursor for what punters should expect when Star Wars Land opens in a few years time.

Built on a 14 acre space, Star Wars Land will boast numerous neo-futuristic buildings nestled between towering rock features, landing zones and market stalls. Most importantly a Millennium Falcon can be seen parked in a cargo bay with people congregating around it, hinting that it could be a full replica which patrons could hop on board.

Star Wars Land is currently being built in Disneyland and Walk Disney World Resorts. Get excited Chewy fans.


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