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If you’ve got a Facebook or Twitter feed, or the internet in general, you’ll be familiar with the constant influx of news infiltrating our minds and allocated procrastination time on a day-to-day basis. So, how does one sort the newsworthy from the clickworthy?

Well, we’ve made life a little easier for you by hand-selecting 5 trending news topics you need to know about today. Whether you’re keen on having an opinion at after-work drinks tonight, or you just want to get clued-up on the world’s issues, read on for a quick digital download of news guaranteed to keep you up-to-date.

#1 Pokémon Go Goes Too Far



We get it, Pokémon Go is a thing and it’s sweeping the nation, but it may have just gone one step too far. A 19-year-old Australian man crashed his car into a school in Melbourne’s South-East last night while trying to catch a Pokemon. Apparently, he overshot a roundabout and smashed through a fence before hitting an empty portable classroom at Xavier College.

“The 19-year-old did not level up nor collect any stardust or candies, only debris from the crash,” police spokeswoman Julie-Anne Newman said. “Any ‘Poke balls’, eggs or potions the driver may have had remaining only attracted police, leaving the wild Pokemon for another day,” she added. Good to see even the police are seeing the lighter side of the situation. Fortunately no one was injured, by c’mon guys! When will the madness end?

#2 Hillary Clinton Makes History


Today, Hillary Clinton took the stage at the Democratic National Convention to become the first woman ever to accept a major U.S. party’s presidential nomination.

“It is with humility, determination and boundless confidence in America’s promise that I accept your nomination for President of the United States,” Clinton said to a huge crowd at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

Clinton was supported by her daughter Chelsea, who introduced her as the next President of the United States, as well as President Barack Obama who congratulated Clinton on her speech.

One thing from Clinton’s address is clear, and that is she has no time for Trump. “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.” Well said, Hillary.

#3 Froome Takes Out 2016 Tour De France



Britain’s Chris Froome won his third Tour de France last Sunday, confirming his status as one of the all-time greats on the world’s most gruelling race.

Froome beat Frenchman Romain Bardet with an almost 3-minute advantage. “It’s an absolutely amazing feeling. It feels like a privilege to be in this position,” said Froome. “I’ve always had my team-mates around me. This race was even tougher (than previous victories). We haven’t won the team competition but by far we’ve had the strongest team here – I’m incredibly grateful for that.”

Final Results:

  1. Chris Froome
  2. Romain Bardet, at +2.52
  3. Nairo Quintana, at +3.08
  4. Adam Yates, at +3.29
  5. Richie Porte, at +4.04

#4 PM Turnbull Rejects Kevin Rudd’s UN Bid


Today, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull thwarted former PM Kevin Rudd’s bid to become UN secretary-general, overruling his deputy Julie Bishop to side with a majority of cabinet ministers who regard Rudd as unfit for the role.

This clearly hasn’t gone down well with the Labor party, whose frontbencher Richard Marles has some strong words for Coalition’s resistance. “What we’ve got is a government which is harking back to a small-time partisanship and denying the opportunity for Australia to have a genuinely serious candidate for the most senior job in the UN, which would be a moment of history for our country.”

Kevin Rudd, right for the UN or not?

#5 The Internet Celebrates Its 10,000th Day

Did you know that the World Wide Web has been in existence for a whopping 10,000 days? Well, today marks the internet’s birthday, and how far we’ve come.

10,000 days ago, Sir Timothy Berners-Lee, widely regarded as the inventor of the web, made his proposal for an information management system on March 12, 1989. Since then, the web has transformed the way we communicate, learn and connect.


From a seemingly endless supply of videos and memes like Charlie Bit My Finger, grumpy and keyboard playing cat, to pop phenomenons like Gangham Style and Justin Bieber, it’s all just a reminder of the crazy and connected world we live in today. Check out the hashtag #10kDays for more.


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