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Versace Launches Dylan Blue

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You know when Gigi Hadid lends her natural beauty to a fragrance campaign, it has to be at least a little female-approved, right? Well, Versace‘s new men’s scent, Dylan Blue, may just land you the girl of your dreams…or at least something close.

Dylan Blue is a fougère fragrance, which, for those who don’t know, is a French word meaning “fern-like” and is one of the main families into which modern perfumes are classified and typically have various citrus, herbaceous, green, floral and animalic notes included.

Dylan Blue’s fragrant, woody aroma is complimented by new and exquisite qualities of natural citrus, bergamot and grapefruits, combined with modern hints of fig leaf for a Mediterranean-inspired freshness, lending depth and rounding off the fragrance’s fruity tang.

There’s also another virile dimension to the scent in the way of violet leaves with a dash of black pepper. However, Dylan Blue’s sophisticated and innovative woody notes of ambrox, papyrus and organic patchouli really lead to the perfume’s powerful, pulsating heart.

Intense, seductive and perfect for the modern man, whether at work or play, Versace’s Dylan Blue is a sexy must-have to add to your fragrance collection.


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