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Step Inside The Wilson Factory To See How Tennis Balls Are Made

It’s often said that the world’s simplest objects can also be the most complicated to make. This same notion applies to the humble tennis ball.

In association with ESPN for the upcoming U.S Open, film maker Benedict Redgrove dropped by the Wilson tennis factory to discover exactly how these handfuls of joy are made from scratch to finished product. The process takes a staggering 24 stages from factory to the retail floor and is oddly beautiful to watch.

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The balls start off as melted down rubber before they’re cast in moulds, fused together and then wrapped in the iconic fluoro textile by an army of robotic (human) workers.

The lack of commentary makes for an even more mesmerising clip which will surely make people appreciate the intrinsic value of a tennis ball much more.

So the next time you’re exasperating “You cannot be serious!”, spare a thought for the little green sucker you’ve just smashed out of the court.

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