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Step Inside The Trippy Yangzhou Zhongshuge Library

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Libraries can be rather dividing, either catering to those who love reading (or hooking up amongst books) whilst leaving others out.

One particular library in China is trying to change this by turning the conventional hub for knowledge into a grand design experiment guaranteed to give those who walk through its doors an ultra trippy experience even before they pick up a book.

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The Yangzhou Zhongshuge library located in China uses unconventional elements to fill the massive 1,000 square metre space. The design itself was created by architectural firm XL-Muse who decked the place out in grand bookshelves, curved walls and a full mirror-glassed floor. The latter reflects the arching bookshelves to make it seem like you’re walking through a vortex of knowledge…or maybe a set piece from Inception.

The concept came about from the simple element of water, with design project leaders wanting to mimic the flowing nature of water through the library. The library will no doubt get new patronage through its doors but whether or not that’s to read or just take selfies or catch Pokemon is another thing altogether.

For now you get to enjoy photos of the untainted space.



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