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Watch Jeff Goldblum, Jodie Foster & 50 Cent Audition For Young Han Solo

With the role for young Han Solo locked in for Alden Ehrenreich after much debate early in the year, Conan O’Brien has gone ahead and released a purported audition tape which sees some of Hollywoods biggest stars vying for the coveted role.

In contention for young Han Solo? An all-star cast with too much time on their hands including Adam Sandler, Jodie Foster, Jeff Goldblum, Melissa McCarthy, Bill Hader, Will Arnett and 50 Cent.

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After seeing all the auditions from these elite celebrity figures, you’ll understand why they went with the new young guy.

The standalone Han Solo film is slated to be released in 2018 with none of these actors involved. Thankfully.


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