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30 Amazing Beach House Ideas & Inspirations

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The beach house: an abode many dream of owning when their app idea takes off or a they help a Nigerian prince out of a tricky financial situation.

Let’s say you manage to lay your hands on one of these coveted seaside spaces. The next step is to decorate it. And therein lies the problem. Unless your taste is naturally A-list, your new holiday home will look like a bomb of cliches went off. Before your know it, seashells and driftwood adorn every surface and a ring-shaped flotation device is hanging from a door. Don’t even get us started on the mass-produced, pastel-coloured pictures of sea life on the walls.

You and your beach house deserve better. While it’s not wrong to be inspired by your balmy locale, there’s no need to decorate your home like it’s going to a Little Mermaid themed masquerade. The oceanfront homes in this gallery range from artfully cluttered to cool and minimal, but all embrace their location with sophistication and style. One even brings the sand indoors.


Peruse the pictures above for inspiring beach house ideas and start saving your spare change. We’ve got a feeling that prince won’t come through.


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