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ASICS Does What No Man Asked For, Creates Office-Ready Suit

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There is no God. And if even there was the crafty control freak probably wouldn’t have went ahead with green-lighting a legitimate office-inspired tracksuit.

ASICS rarely follow rules though so they’ve happily obliged, waving two middle fingers at sartorial conformists with their latest collaboration between retailer keisuke kanda and clothier ANREALAGE.

The track-suit follows the ways of both a traditional suit and a loungey tracksuit, featuring the mandatory label tags along the sleeves which are hilariously paired with a lapel, dress shirt, pocket square, tie and black ‘salary man’ sneakers.

The Japanese commercial for the product is even more oddball and hilarious, taking a satirical approach to explaining the virtues of such a power suit in Japan’s cut-throat and conservative corporate environment.

Watch the video to see the suit in action from the boardroom to the basketball courts. And yes, the track-suit is a real product and is currently on sale in a Tokyo pop-up shop until the 25th of September.

Head over to their website to find out more.


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