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Great Escape: The Best Travel Instagrams Of The Week [24.08.16]

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1 of 20|Escalante, Utah, USA| - LINK
2 of 20|Villa Honegg, Ennetbürgen, Switzerland| | By - LINK
3 of 20|South Africa| - LINK
4 of 20|Punta Del Este, Uruguay| - LINK
5 of 20|Livorno, Italy| | By @rockhinho - LINK
6 of 20|Gougane Barra National Forest Park, County Cork, Ireland| | By @jeffmauritzen - LINK
7 of 20|Marina Bay Sands, Singapore| | By @iamhael - LINK
8 of 20|Yacht and Toys| | By @theyachtguy - LINK
9 of 20|Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy| | By @gbboo - LINK
10 of 20|Therasia Resort and Spa, Aeolian Islands, Italy| - LINK
11 of 20|Benagil Sea Cave, Algarve, Portugal| | By @howfarfromhome - LINK
12 of 20|Scarabeo Camp, Morocco| - LINK
13 of 20|Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China| - LINK
14 of 20|Cenote El Pit, Tulum, Mexico| | By - LINK
15 of 20|Lembang, Java, Indonesia| | By @pevypev - LINK
16 of 20|Skimboarding By Horse, Utah Lake, Utah, USA| - LINK
17 of 20|Cape Town, South Africa| | By @erubes1 - LINK
18 of 20|Venice, Italy| | By @ohhcouture - LINK
19 of 20|Tutka Bay, Alaska| - LINK
20 of 20|Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil| | By @samanthalreid - LINK

Can’t escape the office as much as you’d like? These stunning travel Instagrams will make you feel like you’re on holiday – without the sunburn and the dent in your bank account.

Our bold Instagrammers put their cameras and their blood pressure to the test this week. Dean Schneider got up close and personal with a big cat in South Africa. Rock climber Stefano Rocco took “hanging out” to new heights in Livorno. Travellers with nerves of steel tackled Tianmen Mountain’s glass walkway. Tom St. George took the plunge deep into Tulum’s Cenote El Pit.

But it wasn’t all dangerous games. Sometimes it was just… games. A yacht with inflatable toys? Count us in. Skimboarding by horse? Sure, why not? Goofing around with perspective in Singapore? We think we’ll leave the acrobatics to the pros of Cirque du Soleil.

Adventure isn’t for everyone. Some of us would rather kick back by the pool and take in the view. The stunning example at Therasia Resort and Spa in Italy should do, or perhaps the one at Villa Honegg in Ennetbürgen, Switzerland. And let’s not forget about one of the world’s finest natural pools – the Mediterranean Sea – enjoyed by boat off the Amalfi Coast or cave in Algarve, Portugal. So many travels, so little time.


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