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Step Inside The Ultimate Car Collector’s English Estate

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We’re not the biggest advocates of minimalist homes here, but every now and then an anomaly arises from the wood work.

Case in point, this quaint 18th century English estate which merges breathtaking minimalism with racing cars and classic icons stowed away indoors. You read right, inside the house. And it’s for sale too for a cool AU$25,000,000. From the outside the property appears as a spacious premise made for well-heeled retirees to toil away in their veggie patch.

A closer inspection though will easily debunk that myth. For starters a Ferrari 312 PB Le Mans race car is parked pretty between the living and dining room and the interior is decked out with modern art, contemporary architecture and period-correct motoring memorabilia (including a trophy wall).

It’s a sight to behold for any machine loving man, with the cars taking away most of the spotlight from the 10 bedroom, 10 bathroom luxury living quarters.

Stepping outside will reveal even more prestige with multiple buildings, Japanese-inspired gardens, a swimming pool, a heritage barn erected from the timbers of Mayflower and one hell of a collector’s garage spread out across 2.43 hectares. Take that, fancy loft apartments.

If that’s not enough to bump this property up to the top of the list right next to Melbourne’s Batcave home, it should also be noted that this one also has a proper history. The residence is built opposite the final resting place of estate entrepreneur and philosopher, William Penn.

Easily one of the coolest ways to provide the perfect balance of automotive art and historical cues.

Arms dealers and oil tycoons can register their interest here.




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