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6 Cool Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week [13.08.16]

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1 of 6|Paul Pogba|The latest $150 million addition to Machester United's outfit is obviously on top of the world at the moment as one of the sport's biggest signings in history. So much so that he now gets to call guys like Drake a friend. Talk about a pair of powerful grown ass men taking selfies.
2 of 6|Justin Timberlake|Doing 40 right is Justin Timberlake's N'Sync band mate JC Chasez. The whole crew was there to celebrate just like old times and it's sure a good sight to see that no love has been lost over the decade.
3 of 6|Patty Mills|The Australian ballers and indigenous star is doing the country proud in Rio alongside Bogut and others, putting up a commendable fight against the American Dream Team. Follow this guy on an Instagram as he's an inspiration both on and off the court.
4 of 6|Michael Phelps|The freak in the pool with 22 gold medals to his name has proven that age is no barrier when it comes to the Olympics. Follow Phelps to see his journey as he continues to pursue the impossible.
5 of 6|Tom Hiddleston|Taylor Swift's boyfriend has finally arrived on the Instagram scene posing none other than his popular Loki character. His co-stars quickly jumped on board to troll him. See the next slide. No Taylor posts just yet.
6 of 6|Robert Downey Jr.|Welcoming Tom Hiddleston with welcome arms was Avengers co-star Robert Downey Jr with an 'I Love Loki' top, having a stab at Hiddleton's 'I love Taylor Swift' shirt he was caught wearing. Though even that didn't escape Downey Jr's wit with the actor saying he loved Tony Stark a lot.

It’s time to hit up this week’s coolest celebrities to see what’s happening in the world or fame, film, sports and music out of the official spotlight.

It’s an Olympic themed edition this time with 22 gold medal record holder Michael Phelps training with team mates, Australian baller Patty Mills and the world’s most in-demand footballer, Paul Pogba kicking back with Drake.

Around the corner there’s a bit of trolling going on at the Avengers set with Tom Hiddleston joining Instagram and Robert Downey Jr. having a good stab at him for doing exactly that.

Finally there’s no celebrity wrap of the week without the new king of pop, Justin Timberlake, who shows us that forty can look damn good. Especially if it’s N’Sync band member JC’s 40th birthday.



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