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6 Cool Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week [21.08.16]

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1 of 6|Patrick Schwarzenegger|Arnold's son is a spitting image of himself especially in cowboy guise. More importantly he's taking in his father's footsteps moving into acting and modelling with a surname that is renowned across the world. Whether or not 22-year-old will become as big as his dad is still to be known.
2 of 6|Jason Biggs|Jim Levestine sure knows how to market a book. Especially if it's his wife's new book. What else would you expect from the American Pie actor who defined a generation.
3 of 6|Wesley Snipes|The man is back and kicking goals outside of the slammer. More specifically Snipes has been posting a heap of throwbacks on Instagram with this one from 1992's White Men Can't Jump alongside Woody Harrelson.
4 of 6|Dan Hong|The popular Australian chef for Merivale has a hilariously popular Instagram account where he documents his food adventures alongside family, sneakers and the much touted (and insane) orders from customers. Think gluten-free everything and chilli crab that's not chilli.
5 of 6|Christian Slater|The old school actor and semi-action hero shows off his softer side with a monkey in his palms. He's also starring in the new season of Mr Robot alongside Rami Malek.
6 of 6|Usain Bolt|The most unbeatable man in the world showed Rio that he's also the most photogenic in full battle guise. This spectacular photo was snapped as he crossed the line in first as his opponents struggled to keep up. Another one for the record books.

It’s all about the legends of film and sport in this week’s Instagram cool collective.

Bearing his father’s name and moving into the entertainment industry is young Patrick Schwarzenegger who is already making a scene in the modelling world.

Not to be outdone is Jamaican superstar Usain Bolt who in the past two weeks showed off why he was the world’s best at running and being photographed.

Meanwhile family man Jason Biggs is helping his wife market her new book and Blade actor Wesley Snipes is throwing it back to the 90s for a spot of basketball.

Finally we have Australian chef Dan Hong who is taking his followers on yet another food adventure, this time showing off the freakish produce of one local fish monger.

Celebrity stalking. It’s all fun and games until someone gets arrested.


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