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6 Cool Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week [26.08.16]

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1 of 6|Barack Obama|The president is showing off his caring side with this candid shot of him frolicking with his dog. Can't get anymore 'Merican than that.
2 of 6|Russell Brand|Two clowns are better than one, said no one ever. Thankfully there's an exception when it's two of the funniest men in Hollywood, Russell Brand and Jonah Hill. Wedding guest material right there.
3 of 6|Jason Statham|Feeling unfit? Let Jason Statham compound that feeling with a shot from the set of his latest film, The Mechanic 2. Could grate cheese on those things.
4 of 6|Chris Hemsworth|The Australian actor is currently in Queensland with fellow Thor co-star and Taylor Swift handbag Tom Hiddleston to film their latest sequel. Here the lads are seen not trying to kill each other in style.
5 of 6|Jason Bateman|Jason Bateman is a funny guy in Hollywood. When he's not playing the buzzkill, he's off making mascots Minnie Mouse lose their shit.
6 of 6|Jamie Foxx|There's no doubt that Jamie Foxx is living the Cali life in style and extravagance. Such is his tough decision recently between choosing either a Ferrari 488GTB or a McLaren P1 both in white and black. Such is life.

Hiding behind a bush with a camera is obsolete. It’s time to catch up with this week’s coolest celebrities via Instagram to see what’s happening in the world or fame, abs and awkward dance moves.

Obama is spending his final time as POTUS by hanging with his dog who appear to enjoy his company whilst brawny action guy Jason Statham is showing everyone what his ‘I woke up like this’ look is all about – abs.

Moving down under, Chris Hemsworth has been busy with Tom Hiddleston filming the next chapter to Marvel’s Thor. The pair have not been shying away from cameras as they visit children’s hospitals, fans lining the streets and just generally chilling out on set.

Finally we have Horrible Bosses co-stars Jamie Foxx and Jason Bateman who are celebrating their successes in wildly different ways. Foxx has two supercars whilst Bateman is hanging with Minnie Mouse.

Just another average weekend in celebrity land.



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