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Step Inside The Incredibly Creative Homes Of Artists

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1 of 5|Martyn Thompson|Artist & Textile Designer
2 of 5|Marianne & Kore Yoors|Artists
3 of 5|Florence Lopez|Antiques Dealer & Decorator
4 of 5|Florence Lopez|Antiques Dealer & Decorator
5 of 5|Matt Austin|Artist

The world’s most renowned artists have made a living off their canvasses, so there’s no doubt that their living quarters would be just as creative. Well, now we have proof, as Apartment Therapy took a step inside 3 incredibly homes of artists and designers to give you just the interior inspiration you’ve been looking for.

The first two homes, belonging to artist and textile designer Martyn Thompson and artists Marianne and Kore Yoors, have been sourced from Greenterior, a book about creative people and their love of plants.

Up next is the Paris home of antiques dealer and decorator Florence Lopez, which as well as her home serves as a showroom for the pieces she sells and is definitely not shy on colour.

Finally is artist Matt Austin’s home in Brooklyn, a bright and bold space that brings together unexpected colour combinations in a seriously cool way. Time to get arty, magnificent bastards.

[via Apartment Therapy]


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