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Proof That Dog People Have More Friends

Brace yourselves, cat lovers. Four data scientists have concluded from an exhaustive study that dog lovers have more friends.

To rub salt in the wounds, the study even suggested that cat people are more likely to be single. Put those pitch forks down for a second as we run you through the evidence.

The extensive review took place across 160,000 Facebook users in the U.S who shared cat or dog photos onto their profiles. These scientists with too much time on their hands then proceeded to measure user parameters including how many friends they had, what genre of entertainment (movies, shows, books) they liked and where they’re likely to live.

The results played into common stereotypes but also threw up some interesting results including things like how cat people prefer watching Terminator 2 over dog people who opted for The Notebook. Meanwhile in the owner’s feelings department, dog people tended to display more excitement when compared to their cat counterparts who usually mulled over tiredness via their Facebook status updates.


More importantly, the findings revealed that on average, dog people have 26 more Facebook friends than cat people.

“Like their extroverted pets, dog people make more connections online,” the studied claims. “On the other hand, cat people get invited to more events, so they’re putting their friendships to good use!”

On the dating front, the Facebook researchers determined via profile relationship status that cat people across all ages and genders were more likely to be single when compared to dog people. In quantitive terms that’s 30% of single cat people compared to just 24% of single dog people. Could it be that man’s best friend can also find man’s best mate? We’ll leave that to your robust dating habits to compete with.

Of course just as any scientific finding there are also sceptics. The Science of Us warned lonely angry animal lovers not to take the study too seriously as many of the connections are purely anecdotal or too insignificant to be legitimate. The detractors even went as far as saying that there was no such thing as ‘cat people’ or ‘dog people’.

So there you have it. If it’s confirmation you need, Mark Zuckerberg has a Hungarian sheepdog and over 77 million ‘friends’.

[via GOOD]

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