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Find Eco-Friendly Luxury At The Edgeland House

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If you’re truly sick of suburbia then you’re going to need an escape that is anything but ordinary. Enter Edgeland House. Located on a rehabilitated brownfield site in central Texas, the Edgeland House is a modern re-interpretation of one of the oldest housing typologies in North America: the Native American Pit House.

Pit Houses are typically sunken, taking advantage of the earth below to maintain thermal comfort throughout the year. Designed by Bercy Chen Studio, the Edgeland House features an insulative green roof above a 7-foot excavation into the ground which means the home is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This, combined with hydronic heating and a green roof for maximum energy efficiency make it quite the masterpiece.

Both visually and functionally, the Edgeland House is all about healing the land and mending the scars of the site’s industrial past, in turn, raising awareness about a diminishing natural landscape and the world’s finite resources. As well as creating a balance between the surrounding industrial zone and the natural river opposite, over 40 native species of plants and wildflowers have been reintroduced to the Edgeland House green roof, serving to help protect the local eco-system.

It’s eco-friendly luxury at its finest.

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