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Step Inside Hareide Design’s Mega Yacht Complete With Private Beach

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The local dingy not cutting it anymore? It’s time to step up your boat game. Joining the fleet of the world’s most audacious and luxurious yachts is Hareide Design’s latest 108m concept mega yacht.

It’s a craft which borrows from its natural surroundings and seamlessly brings it to the one floating palace complete with helipad and a multi-storey layout.

The 108m name isn’t derived from its potential price tag or hull length either. The designation originates from the boat’s classic 108m mono hull design which boasts a massive leisure space with elevated dining and viewing areas. For the nature phobes there’s even an on-board garden which sits neatly around a 20m pool with its own seamless transition into a private beach which meets the ocean water.


The extravagant concept relies on 300 square metres of solar panels to help power lightweight lithium-ion batteries (like in smartphones) which should keep the craft self-sustainable for long haul voyages. This can also help the diesel-electric sail smoothly and quietly into busier shorelines without disrupting the local residents and inhabitants.

Having said that if you could afford the 108m you could probably also afford your own island to park it on. Or maybe even this Mercedes-Benz super yacht worth $1.7 million.

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