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Holly Horne Is A Golden Girl For Haris Nukem [NSFW]

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Badass Brit photographer Haris Nukem (no relation to Duke) and bronzed blonde Holly Horne bring the beauty in a recent shoot for Sticks & Stones Agency.

Horne sports nothing but a tan and series of jackets, ranging from a red number with Nukem’s name to a classic studded motorcycle jacket. Another piece will be instantly recognisable to Ryan Gosling fans.

Describing the shoot, Nukem said:

“Holly & I have been homies for ages & shoot commercial stuff all the time. We figured let’s do some naked creative shit next time! Mad love to Holly ‘Gryllz’ Horne. This shoot was basically us just acting like children & having fun. Holly has only been to my house once before, so this was like her discovery process, going through all my stuff & finding little treasure like the gold body paint or the jacket from Drive & shooting it. Super fun day.”

Here’s to more “naked creative shit” from this dynamic duo in the future.


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