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5 Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know Today [15.08.16]

Welcome to Monday. Feeling pretty average as the result of a weekend filled with debauchery? Or perhaps Usain Bolt’s 9.81 second 100m sprint is making you reconsider that gym membership…either way, we are here to ease your sorrows.

If you’re planning a movie night, trying to understand your annoying co-worker, considering spicing things up with an open relationship or don’t know why your late night boozing is keeping you single, indulge in the following pointless and awesome facts you need to know today.

#1 Highest Grossing Films Of 2016 So Far


It’s been a big year for film. From animated blockbusters to Marvel and DC smash hits, here are the highest grossing films of 2016…so far, via Box Office Mojo.

  1. Finding Dory – $476,815,060
  2. Captain America: Civil War – $407,502,783
  3. Deadpool – $363,070,709
  4. The Jungle Book – $363,004,566
  5. Zootopia – $341,268,248
  6. The Secret Life of Pets – $335,942,075
  7. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – $330,360,194
  8. Suicide Squad – $222,874,728
  9. X-Men: Apocalypse – $155,442,489
  10. Kung Fu Panda 3 – $143,528,619

#2 Business Buzzwords That Irritate Your Co-Workers


There’s always that one guy at work, you know, the one who loves a cheesy buzzword. Everything is a ‘lesson learnt’ or a ‘dynamic’ ‘disruptive’ life-changing experience. Luckily, GetVoIP have narrowed down the most annoying business-related words and phrases.

  1. Bring To The Table
  2. Cutting Edge
  3. Deep Dive
  4. Deliverable
  5. Ducks In A Row
  6. Empower
  7. End Of The Day
  8. Fast Track
  9. Game Changing
  10. Guru

#3 How Many People Actually Try Open Relationships?


Have you ever considered an open relationship? Or does it conjure up images of cheating partners and painful breakups? Well, it turns out more people have tried their hand at open relationships than you probably think.

A recent, cross-national study of over 8,700 people found that 21% of single people reported having an open relationship at some point in their lives – that’s 1 in 5 people. The data comes from 2 separate studies, each of single people who are apparently less conservative and religious on the relationship spectrum. “People who are more liberal and more sexually experienced are just by nature more likely to have experienced some sort of open relationship,” Dr. Zhana Vrangalova told Esquire.

“[People] don’t think they can expect all of their needs to be met, whether sexual or social or emotional or whatever, by one partner,” she said. “It’s almost unfair to ask that one partner to be everything to you.”

According to Vrangalova, while open relationships are clearly becoming increasingly popular, they have to be a consensual thing.

#4 The Greatest Male Athletes In The World Right Now


If you’ve been following the Olympics you will have just witnessed the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, claim first place in the 100 metre race for his 3rd time in a row, finishing in mind-blowing 9.81 seconds. Here are some of the greatest male athletes in the world right now, according to Telegraph.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo – Football
  • Usain Bolt – Athletics
  • Chris Froome – Cycling
  • LeBron James – Basketball
  • Michael Phelps – Swimming
  • Novak Djokovic – Tennis
  • James Anderson – Cricket
  • Odell Beckham Jr – American Football
  • Mo Farah – Athletics
  • Dustin Johnson – Golf
  • Sonny Bill Williams – Rugby Union
  • Nicol David – Squash
  • Ashton Eaton – Decathlon

#5 The Link Between Your Relationship Status & Alcohol Consumption


Living that bachelor life? It might explain why you’ve been boozing so much lately.

According to a new study published in the Journal of Family Psychology, married or de facto couples are likelier than their single friends to steer clear of frequent and heavy drinking, even post-breakup.

It’s not the first time research has come to this conclusion, either. Past studies have already established a reliable correlation between long-term relationships and a drop in drinking, but this study singles out coupling up as the causational culprit behind the pattern, rather than other variables like a distaste for drinking, limited budgets or lack of time.

“It seems that intimate relationships may provide a real benefit in terms of drinking behaviour, maybe through mechanisms such as a monitoring effect that partners have on each other,” lead study author Diana Dinescu said.

[via Refinery 29]


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