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iPhone 7 Could Receive Its Most Practical Feature To Date

The rumour mill is in full swing with the impending release of Apple‘s iPhone 7 and its purported array of groundbreaking new features.

One of the latest rumours to pop up? Complete waterproofing. Quartz reports that the the tech giant was this week awarded a new patent which outlines a system for colour-balancing photos that are taken under water.

If this is true then it could mean one of two things: They’re making a waterproof case and charging a premium for it or they’re making the actual phone waterproof. What’s still up in the air however is whether this practical new feature will be coming with the iPhone 7 or a later model down the track.


Most pundits are pointing towards it being included in the iPhone 7 since Samsung have already included waterproofing capabilities in their latest Galaxy S7 anf Note7. A closer look at the patent file doesn’t reveal the device specifically but it highlight that the technology could “operate on mobile devices” such as iPhones and iPads.

Playing into the rumoured feature even more is the fact that Apple will be abandoning the 3.5mm headphone jack, a place where water would have once been able to get inside the device.

Now to get rid of the drop and break issue.



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