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Supercut Captures All Of James Bond’s Most Inappropriate Moments

Gentlemen, we have to talk. To most of the world, James Bond is an icon of suave masculinity – the kind of well-dressed, smooth-talking, badass-slash-ladies-man guys everywhere aspire to be.

Except when you really think about it. Because if you remove those rose-coloured action movie glasses, he’s actually, kind of, gasp, a creep.

Hear that? That’s the sound of your illusions shattering.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, especially if you’ve grown up thinking of Bond as an icon. Could England’s most celebrated super-spy really be a frat bro in disguise? If you haven’t yet had the wool lifted from your eyes, this viral mashup from YouTube channel FunWithGuru should do the trick.

The supercut brings together all of 007’s most inappropriate, sexist, and borderline-criminal behavior. “After James Bond bangs and abandons a widow on the day of her husband’s funeral in Spectre, I came up with the idea for this video,” reads the description. “I just wanted to see what old Bond moments might not fly so well today.”

Turns out, it’s a lot of them. Case in point: in a post-coital conversation, the woman says her uncle “still thinks I’m a virgin” and Bond replies, “Yes, well, you get your clothes on and I’ll buy you an ice cream.”

Yep, that’s got you feeling a little icky inside. And there’s more where it came from. Watch the clip (which scored millions of views in a single day) above and prepare to cringe.



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