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Mack Horton Disables Social Media Commenting After Mass Chinese Outrage

Controversy has ensued the 400m men’s Olympic freestyle swimming competition with Mack Horton disabling his Instagram commenting after the Australian beat out China’s Sun Yang by just 0.13 of a second to take home the gold on Saturday.

The intense rivalry and drama began when the 20-year-old swimmer accused Sun of intentionally splashing water in his face at an earlier training session in Rio.

“I didn’t respond because I don’t have time for drug cheats,” the Australian told the media. Horton was referring to the 2014 suspension issued down to Sun after testing positive to a banned substance. The Chinese athlete at the time claimed via Swimming World Magazine that it was from a drug he had been taking for medical reasons which he didn’t know was on the banned list.

“I don’t care too much what the Australian athlete say…I’m clean; I’ve done everything it takes to prove I’m clean,”

“I will take it as a lesson and be more careful in the future,” he told reporters.

Citing this apparent discrepancy, Horton added fuel to the fire by saying that his 400m victory was a win for “the good guys”.

“I used the words drug cheat because he tested positive…I just have a problem with athletes who have tested positive and are still competing,” he said.

Sun, who has had a rather tattered history of misbehaving inside and outside of the pool himself (he crashed into the back of a bus whilst driving a Porsche unlicensed and was accused of kicking and elbowing a Brazilian swimmer) rebutted the claim, saying: “I don’t care too much what the Australian athlete say…I’m clean; I’ve done everything it takes to prove I’m clean,”

Supporters of the Chinese swimmer shortly began inundating the Australian swimmer’s Instagram and Twitter with a barrage of abuse calling him out for his racist and unsportsmanlike behaviour. They also demanded that he apologise to Sun with the hashtag #ApologizeToSunYang trending heavily.

The scathing comments from Chinese supporters were so intense that Horton today disabled all commenting on his Instagram account, leaving us with just the screenshots below:



On Sunday Sun fired another shot at the Australian after speaking to Channel 7 cameras outside the aquatic centre. Appearing elusive to reporters at first, Sun was asked about Horton and replied, “No, no friend” as he waited for a bus.

Pressed further if he would beat Horton in the upcoming 1500m freestyle, Sun simply replied: “1500 metre. I am the king. Yeah?”

Besides the blanket ban on Instagram comments, Horton hasn’t spoken any further of the issue.

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