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Watch The Magic Of Surfing With This Incredible Drone Footage

The weather might be temperamental here in Australia, but elsewhere the conditions are spot-on year-round to showcase the magic of surfing.

A few years ago, fresh footage from surfing’s most documented wave – Pipeline – started to emerge. They were the handiwork of filmmaker Eric Sterman, a young Hawaiian who saw the very early cinematic potential of drone photography and thus became a bit of a trailblazer for it in the surfing world.

Today, Sterman’s work has earned him a reputation for its crispness, control and mostly its creativity. This selection of footage, courtesy of Red Bull, features Jamie O’Brein, Matahi Drollet, Niccolo Porcella, Nathan Florence, Josh Moniz, Luke Shepardson, Anthony Walsh, Lucca Saldivar, Seth Moniz, John Florence, Oliver Kurtz, Micah Moniz and Ezekiel Lau carving into some incredible waves, as well as Pipeline’s natural beauty in the water and on the sand.


Check out the video above for more.


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