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Watch Insane Climbers Scale Hong Kong’s New World Centre

Having nine lives is a blessing for some whilst for others it’s an open invite to kill off a few for the sake of internet stardom.

This was no doubt the grand idea behind the team at On The Roofs, who recently returned to Hong Kong for their next death-defying climbing stint which gives audiences ample opportunity to squirm and acquire the sweaty hands.

Their last video was in Hong Kong and garnered the pair quite a bit of attention, hence the two year gap between sneaking into skyscraper constructions. On their hit list was the region’s latest New World Centre building which stands at 265 metres tall not including the top of the crane in which the pair wanted to reach.

The team even manages to score some non-alcoholic beverages in the crane before a camera drone almost takes them out. Fun times.

The video goes for five minutes but it’s well worth it as audiences watch on and sit in the safety of their work desk sweating bullets. We’re not sure what’s crazier, surfing in the corpse infested Ganges or taking on a bout of rooftop parkour.



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