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The Most Outrageous Celebrity Splurges Of All Time

Celebrities make spending large quantities of cash look like child’s play. While the rest of us panic after every drunk Amazon purchase, Hollywood’s wealthiest happily splash out on exotic animals, ancient artifacts, and solid gold toilets. All in a day’s work for the uber-famous.

These eight over-the-top celebrity splurges prove Tinseltown’s elite have got it and aren’t afraid to flaunt it. Prepare to shed a tear for your bank account and weep for humanity.

Charlie Sheen’s Partially Private Baseball Game

celebrity splurgesAccording to Sports Illustrated, Charlie Sheen was so determined to catch a home run that he shelled out $6,500 for 2,615 seats beyond the left field fence at Anaheim Stadium. Sheen and three friends sat 20 rows up, hoping to score a ball from Cecil Fielder, but came up empty handed. “I didn’t want to crawl over the paying public,” he said. “I wanted to avoid the violence.”


Donald Trump’s Jet

celebrity splurgesTrump’s OTT taste (if you can call it “taste”) is world famous, and his $100 million Boeing 747 doesn’t disappoint. He purchased the jet from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and promptly gave it a makeover. Trump Force One now has Rolls Royce engines, personal TV screens for every seat, gold-encrusted seat belts, and gold-plated faucets.

Kanye West’s Toilets

celebrity splurgesKanye West’s lavish lifestyle with Kim Kardashian isn’t unexpected, but the magnitude of his purchases still drops jaws. He reportedly shelled out $3 million for their nuptials ($136,000 of which went to flowers alone) and bought his bride ten Burger King franchises as a wedding gift. Yeezus then spent $767,000 on four gold-plated toilets for their home.

Bono’s Hat

celebrity splurgesWhat do you do if you’re on your way to Italy and realise you left your favourite hat back home? If you’re one of history’s biggest rockstars, you drop $1,700 on a ticket to have it delivered by plane – in first class. Yes, Bono actually did that.

Mike Tyson’s Tigers

celebrity splurgesMike Tyson’s big kitty in The Hangover wasn’t totally far-fetched. The boxing champ did once own three endangered white Bengal tigers – that supposedly set him back $70,000 each, plus $200,000 a year in food and $125,000 a year for an animal trainer. The tigers no longer call Casa Tyson home, but we see plenty more outlandish purchases in his future.

Daniel Radcliffe’s Mattress

celebrity splurgesWhen you’re an 11-year-old earnings hundreds of thousands of dollars in a major film franchise, your idea of reasonable spending is skewed. Daniel Radcliffe once tapped luxury mattress maker Savoir to design a custom mattress for him and paid $17,000 for the privilege.

George Lucas’ Fire Brigade

celebrity splurgesWhen you’ve built your $100 million dream home, you want to make damn sure your investment is protected. Director George Lucas did what any sensible movie millionaire would do upon building Skywalker Ranch: he hired his own fire brigade to patrol the property. The trucks even have snazzy Skywalker Ranch logos.

Nic Cage’s… Everything

celebrity splurgesIf there’s a king of crazy celebrity splurges, it’s Nicolas Cage. His history of preposterously over-priced purchases includes dozens of cars, multiple castles, two Caribbean islands, and $1 million worth of comic books. His crowning achievement in outrageous spending, however, is the $276,000 he dropped to outbid Leonardo DiCaprio for a dinosaur skull in 2007. Read that sentence again and let it sink in.

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    Trump’s jet is a Boeing 757-200 not a 747. Cheers.

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    He’s still a turd.


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