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‘No Hands Allowed’ At Red Bull’s Daunting Downhill Longboarding Contest

85km/h. 18 hairpins. Four kilometres of the black stuff on a fourteen degree incline. Throw in a handful of longboarders with balls of steel and you have one of Red Bull‘s most daunting competitions yet known simply as No Paws Down.

A total seventy-two riders showed up to take on the challenge in Slovenia which would have easily sent the uninitiated flying into concrete on the first corner. Thankfully they’re some of the region’s most experienced as well who not only managed the impossible task of bending physics and their bodies to navigate the tight hairpins, but also accomplished it in record time.

Also take note if you’re going to try this at home: Wear more than just shorts and a tee when embarking on a downhill slalom of epic proportions. Better yet, do it in a full three-piece suit like the boys from Williams Martini Racing.


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