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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #94

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1 of 6|TREK Zora Concept Bike
2 of 6|Lift Anti-Gravity Levitating Smartwatch Charger
3 of 6|PowerVision PowerEgg Camera Drone
4 of 6|Sony FES Watch U
5 of 6|Nikon KeyMission 360 Action Camera
6 of 6|MV Agusta x Zagato F4Z Superbike

They say that man’s best friend is a dog. Well dogs can’t fly, levitate or film in 360 degree HD vision. These gadgets? They certainly can. It’s time to hit up this week’s wrap of coo; gear from around the globe.

#1 TREK Zora Concept Bike

Trek are projecting the future of their bicycles with a creation codenamed Zora. The cool piece of kit was designed to tackle both the tarmac and terrain with its futuristic hybrid styling set to have heads turning. It’s not just a pretty rider too with the entire thin frame crafted from carbon fibre. Futuristic appointments such as seamlessly integrated LED headlights and taillights come equipped alongside a dedicated dashboard. There’s no news on whether the bike will make it to production, but it at least deserves a spot in a museum.

Price: $TBC/BUY


#2 Lift Anti-Gravity Levitating Smartwatch Charger

Smartwatch chargers aren’t meant to be anything special but LIFT are about to change that with a new approach to battery replenishment. Inspired by Tesla’s magnetic levitation pursuits as a means of propulsion, LIFT built a base and charging attachment which allows the watch to float in mid-air whilst it charges and basks in a softly illuminated white light connected to an Orb.

Price: $159/BUY

#3 PowerVision PowerEgg Camera Drone

There’s heaps of drones out in the market at the moment but not many look like a flying transforming egg. PowerVision PowerEgg are changing that with their new camera drone which can retract its rotor blades for easy transportation. The flying egg comes equipped with a 14MP 4K camera, controller and everything a beginner needs to get Humpty airborne.

Price: $1,300/BUY

#4 Sony FES Watch U

Sony are heading back into the smartwatch game with their new FES Watch U. What’s unique about the Japanese manufacturer’s device is the band itself features an e-ink display, allowing for an array of dazzling personalisation options. The move emphasise’s Sony’s move into the fashion space of wearable tech with the entire look of the watch changing at the touch of a button. The range of watches will be made from steel, sapphire and glass whilst battery life is a claimed three weeks. Each watch can store up to 24 designs.

Price: $TBC/BUY


#5 Nikon KeyMission 360 Action Camera

One of the world’s leading names in professional photography are finally moving into the adventure segment to take on GoPro. After a lengthy development phase, Nikon has come out with their latest KeyMission 360 Action Camera which can capture 360-degree video and photos in Ultra HD 4K resolution. Designed to be where the action is alongside you, the Nikon features 30 metre waterproofing, 2.2 metre shockproofing, dustproofing and an electronic vibration reduction built in. No details yet on availability but it shouldn’t be too long before it hits the biggest adventures.

Price: $TBC/BUY

#6 MV Agusta x Zagato F4Z Superbike

MV Augusta have given a glimpse of their latest F4Z Superbike in collaboration with Italian design house, Zagato. Whilst the looks maybe polarising, one can’t argue that it’ll definitely stand out with its swooping two-tone design. There’s no details of the performance just yet until the official September 4 debut date so for now you guys get a video.


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