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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #92

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1 of 6|TinyCircuits Tiny Arcade
2 of 6|Levitating Shot Glass
3 of 6|After The Race Automotive Art
4 of 6|Nine37 Watch Prints
5 of 6|Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 14 TV
6 of 6|DuoSkin Smart Tattoos

Money doesn’t grow on trees but if it did we’d know what you’d spend it on. Welcome to the week’s collection of the world’s coolest tech, gadgets and general goods of affection that’ll make any grown man cry.

#1 TinyCircuits Tiny Arcade

Relive your digital childhood in the palm of your hands with TinyCircuit’s range of cool Tiny Arcade machines. The open-source micro machines are powered by a 32-bit ARM processor whilst the period-correct cabinets are constructed of acrylic, wood and 3D-printed components. Gamers who can see the colour OLED screen can embark on such games as Tiny Invaders (Space Invaders but smaller), 3D Attack (similar to Doom/Wolfenstein), Flappy Birdz (a suspect version of the hit game) and 3D Driving. All that’s missing now is a Frozen Coke and some Redskins.

Price: $60/BUY

#2 Levitating Shot Glass

We showed you guys the levitating smartphone charger last time and now comes something a little more dangerous – the levitating shot glass. Use it as the hero piece for drinking party shenanigans or simply have it hover your whisky as you Netflix and Chill. The device comes both as a wired and wireless version (though the latter is what you really want) and uses a metal cap attached to the bottom of the cup, magnets and a magnetic field. The levitating cup can come in various guises from a cocktail glass to a beer cup to a coffee mug. Even the bases come in various designs. May the alcoholic force be with you.

Price: $139/BUY

#3 After The Race Automotive Art

When race car parts become art, money parts the wallet. Case in point, these stunning pieces from After The Race Automotive Art. The concept was created by graphic designer and car aficionado Jean-Denis Claessens alongside artist Edmond Thonnard. With their skills combined, the duo took existing parts salvaged from wrecked vintages Porsches and gave them a makeover. This means Porsche bonnets bearing the most iconic Le Mans livery as well as a splash of war paint in the form of racing scuff marks, mud and rubber splatter. A truly unique and authentic piece of automotive art deserving of any man cave’s wall.

Price: +$3,000/BUY

#4 Nine37 Watch Prints

Following the art route nicely are these very cool blue-print inspired watch prints from nine37. Taking from the world’s most iconic timepieces such as Omega, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Seiko, IWC and more, the prints exude pure minimalist design on gorgeously prepared luster photo paper paper. What’s even better, they’re super affordable.

Price: $40/BUY

#5 Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 14 TV

Bucking the trend of mammoth-sized televisions is the sleek Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 14 TV which opts for quality over size. The television which wouldn’t look out of place in a gallery boasts an aluminium frame with a 4K Ultra HD panel, LED backlights and a hidden three-way speaker concealed by oak lamellas. Viewers also get Android TV, Google Cast and a nifty feature which allows the mootorised stand to automatically rotate to face the viewer. Freaky, but cool. The television comes in 40 or 50-inch sizes.

Price: $5,850/BUY

#6 DuoSkin Smart Tattoos

The video may portray this invention more for the ladies but the application is simply mind blowing. Picture this: a metallic gold leaf tattoo with NFC technology (Near Field Communication) which can control apps on your smartphone or tablet. That’s what DuoSkin is, an electronic device designed to temporarily stick onto human skin. More importantly it’s not a gimmick as the technology was developed by engineers from MIT Media Lab in collaboration with Microsoft Research, so the application is sure to be boundless in the years to come. Watch the video below to find out how it works.




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